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With onsite ultrasound and digital X-ray machines, Doctor Simon is able to get a clear 'picture' of what is happening inside your pets’ body. All imaging procedures are non-invasive, and most can be done without any sedation.


Radiographs are used for diagnosis of skeletal system issues, such as bone fractures, developmental deformities, dysplasia, spondylosis, tumors and arthritis. Radiographs are very useful for diagnosing heart and lung disease, and with the use of contrast material, our doctor can also detect gastrointestinal problems, such as blockages.


In-house ultrasound technology allows us to visualize certain aspects of the body functions not seen by X-ray. We are able to assess growths, monitor vitality of fetuses in pregnant animals, and evaluate disease in the heart, liver, kidneys, bladder or other organs.

When needed, we are able to send the images we take to an off-site radiologist for further diagnosis and recommendations. We also offer OFA radiographs.

Proper pet dental care reduces bad breath and risk of disease
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